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Did You Know These Facts About Cavities?

  • October 13, 2016

You often can’t feel a cavity. Enamel has no nerve endings, so you could have a large cavity and not know it. Call Infinite Smiles today at 614-678-5847. You can get a thorough dental exam from dentists that know just what to look for. If you have a cavity, you can also get it expertly repaired here.

Knowledge Is Power

The more you know about cavities, the better you can take care of your teeth. Here are some little-known facts about tooth decay.

1. You can skip metal to repair cavities and get tooth-colored fillings instead.

A long time ago, people really only had one choice when it came to fillings: metal amalgam. The problem is that the metal “leaks” over time. This can increase your risk of getting another cavity in that tooth. In addition, that metal look out of place with your white teeth.

By calling us today, you can schedule an appointment for a tooth-colored filling instead. Dr. Patel wants your smile to look healthy and natural, so he never uses metal in dental fillings. You’ll get the cavity repaired safely, but your smile will look much better.

2. Dental fillings in your cavities are not expected to be permanent.

No matter what type of dental filling you have, it’s not going to last forever. Fillings are bonded to your teeth. That’s so they stay in your cavity. As with anything, that bond can weaken over time. (After all, you’re smashing up all kinds of hot and cold foods with that tooth.) You can suddenly find yourself with a filling that came out.

Call us today at 614-678-5847 to replace a filling. Our dentists are highly trained to know how best to replace a filling that came out. You can also come in for a dental exam so our team can check to see if your other cavities are about to come out.

3. Fluoride can help keep your teeth strong, but too much can damage and discolor your teeth.

Toothpaste and even tap water has fluoride in it. That’s because this stuff helps keep your teeth strong. It can even repair microscopic damage. All of this can help prevent cavities. But there is too much of a good thing. Excessive fluoride can lead to damage and discoloration in your teeth.

Our dentists are local experts in dentistry. They know how to use fluoride effectively to keep your teeth healthy. Calling our Powell, OH dental office today will get you an appointment to improve your dental health.

4. Cavities can grow so big that dental fillings won’t work anymore.

Fillings repair cavities. That’s why they exist. However, not every cavity can get a filling. In order to stay in your tooth, a filling needs to bond with healthy enamel. If a cavity grows too big, there might not be enough left to bond with.

That’s why you need to call us today at 614-678-5847. Your cavities will keep growing until our team has a chance to stop it. If a cavity gets too big, our dentists can place a dental crown over that tooth to repair it. You’ll still correct the problem with a dental crown, but why get a more involved dental treatment when calling us today can make a smaller one useful?

5. The same bacteria that damage teeth with cavities can make teeth fall out with periodontal disease.

Tooth decay isn’t the only issue you can have thanks to harmful bacteria. When they reside on your gums, you can get gingivitis. If they get into your gum tissue, you have a serious form of periodontal disease. This can make your teeth fall out because your gums pull away from the teeth.

Dr. Patel has been trained in the revolutionary Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique. This can reverse gum recession, helping keep your teeth where they are. That’s why you should call us today for an appointment.

6. If a cavity grows too deep, you will need a root canal to save that tooth.

Cavities can get deep enough that they break through the enamel and dentin. This allows the bacteria to infect your dental pulp. Since this is home to the tooth’s blood vessels and nerve, it’s both painful and dangerous. You can lose a tooth that way.

Call our Powell, OH dental office today if you have a toothache. Because our dentists have such training and experience, we can offer painless root canals to save an infected tooth. Of course, the best thing is to not get the infection in the first place. That’s why coming in every six months is so important. Our dental exams can spot cavities while they’re small enough to easily repair.

Cavities can ruin your teeth. That’s why you need to call us today at 614-678-5847 to schedule your next appointment. Our dentists have the skills necessary to spot cavities and treat them effectively. Don’t let tooth decay destroy your smile.


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