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How A Dental Laser Helps Fight Dental Anxiety

  • December 17, 2016

If you hate the idea of going to the dentist, you’re not alone. Dental anxiety is a real thing in the US. Many people skip routine or even needed dental treatments because it’s all too much.

That’s why you need to call Infinite Smiles today at 740-881-2600. Our dentists are trained in some of the newest dental technologies, including the revolutionary Solea dental laser. With our modern tech and commitment to your comfort, you can get past dental anxiety.

What Is Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is when you’re nervous or anxious about going to see a dentist. There are several common causes of it:

  • You may have had a bad experience at another dentist’s office when you were younger.
  • You heard bad stories about dentistry from friends or TV shows.
  • You are worried about how much pain or discomfort you’ll feel.
  • It’s been a long time since your last visit.

No matter the cause, the effect is generally the same: You really do not want to see any dentists.

That’s a big problem, because

Introducing The Solea Dental Laser

One of the more intimidating parts of dentistry is the drill. Sure, you might fully understand that enamel has no nerve endings. You can get that a drill clears out damaged enamel and allows dentists to do several kinds of treatments.

But it’s still not fun. That’s where the Solea dental laser helps.

The Solea laser system really uses a laser for treating cavities and problems with your gums. It uses an FDA-approved CO2 laser. It’s computer-assisted, meaning our dentists will get help from a computer to use the laser accurately.

Our dentists appreciate the advances in technology brought by our modern world. But they also know some technology has to wait until it matures and can be used well. The Solea dental laser is proven technology and works wonders. Our dentists are highly trained to use the Solea dental laser to help make your teeth and gums healthier and more attractive.

The Solea Laser Helps WIth Dental Anxiety

Besides helping teeth and gums, the Solea dental laser can help with your dental anxiety.

You can get a filling placed with little to no discomfort.

Remember that drill? You don’t need to anymore. The Solea dental laser can replace the drill for helping cavities. Instead of vibration, pressure, and that whining noise, you’ll most likely feel nothing. The laser will remove dead enamel so your dental filling will fit nicely and repair the damage.

Drilling can cause anxiety. Our Solea dental laser replaces the drill, so your dental anxiety can be much lower.

You can change the shape of your gums without bleeding.

One of the great things about the Solea dental laser is how you can use it different ways. Our dentists know how to lower the power and use it for soft tissues like your gums. This can help you in two ways:

  • It can get rid of harmful bacteria in the gums causing gum disease.
  • It can painlessly remove excess gum tissue in case you have a gummy smile.

Because you’ll be getting treatment with a laser, there should be no pain in either procedure. Also, because our dentists will not be using any surgical cutting, there will be little to no bleeding with the Solea dental laser. Knowing that it will be blood- and pain-free can help reduce your dental anxiety.

You start building positive memories to make any old, negative ones weaker.

If you had some bad times as a kid at the dentist’s office, those old memories can impact your emotions today. That’s a common source of dental anxiety.

By calling our Powell, OH dental office today, you can get an appointment that includes the Solea dental laser. Because it can help correct problems painlessly, you are not just having a good experience. You’re building positive memories associated with dentistry. The more of these you have, the weaker the old memories will become. This can help reduce or even eliminate dental anxiety over time.

Call Infinite Smiles TODAY at 740-881-2600 and schedule your next appointment. The Solea dental laser is an amazing piece of technology. By painlessly helping treat cavities, gum disease, and gummy smiles, you can get past that dental anxiety and get the dental treatments you deserve and need.


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