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The new Infinite Smiles. Coming soon!

  • April 4, 2019

Infinite Smiles is proud to announce the beginning of a new campaign to improve our online brand and services to match the expert, luxury dental care you receive in our office every time you visit. Our practice and policies aren’t changing at all; you can still expect to experience the same level of high quality care you have always received with us.

Instead, we are updating our logo and online presence to make learning about our practice and scheduling appointments easier and faster than it ever was before. Infinite Smiles is keeping the same great name you recognize and services you love. Our brand is getting a face-lift to match the state-of-the-art, accommodating, luxury atmosphere of our office, and you may notice a new logo coming soon to fit our brand.

The new logo for Infinite Smiles, coming soon!

The new web experience

We are very excited to begin this transition, and cannot wait to share the new and improved experience with you. Expect to experience faster browsing speeds online, more videos and content, and an updated blog sharing client journeys, industry trends, and educational materials.

What can I expect? Frequently asked questions.

How will this affect me as a new or existing patient? – These changes won’t affect you or your dental experience with us at all! Simply expect a face-lift to our logo (no name change) and website, with easier access to appointment request forms and services content.

Will I need to update any of my patient information? – Not at all! We still maintain the same information for all of our patients.

Are any policies changing? – None of our policies are changing. You will still experience the same great services and amenities at your appointments!

Will I still recognize the brand? – Our name isn’t changing, just our logo. So you can expect to still see Infinite Smiles posted on our site, business cards, appointment reminders, invoices, and all patient forms.

Can I still expect to see the same great staff I know at Infinite Smiles? – Everyone is still here, and we look forward to seeing you for your appointment soon!

Is your website URL or phone number changing? – None of our contact information is changing. Feel free to search for us online and call us using the same web address and phone number you usually use!

Is your location (physical address) changing? – We will still be located at 7500 Sawmill Parkway in Powell, Ohio for all of your dental needs.

When can I expect this change to occur? – We are still a few months away from launching our new website and implementing our full logo change. You may begin to notice changes to the interior of our office to match the new brand starting today, and we will continue to post updates as we get closer to launch day!

Newer, faster, and easier to use. Same great luxury feel.

The new website will evoke the same accommodating, luxury service of Infinite Smiles and Dr. Neal Patel while providing better ease-of-use for all of our patients. As always, your satisfaction is important to us, and that has been the catalyst for this change. We are excited to share this journey with you!


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