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I’m in Pain and Have Discomfort – Treating Tooth Decay and Gum Disease in Powell, OH

Are you having trouble eating the foods you enjoy because you are experiencing pain or discomfort when you chew? This is not something that should be ignored. Dental pain is often a sign of a serious problem that needs the attention of a professional, like those at the Powell, OH office of Infinite Smiles.

Pain or discomfort doesn’t just happen for no reason. If it hurts when you chew or drink cold or hot liquids, then there’s a good chance you are suffering from an oral health ailment that needs to be treated right away.

Tooth Decay

Sensitivity, discomfort, and pain are all signs that something is wrong, and one of the most common oral health issues is tooth decay. When bacteria in your mouth feeds on sugar, it creates a highly corrosive acid that destroys your enamel, causing cavities. Prolonged decay will cause the cavities to grow deep into your tooth, exposing the inner layers of dentin and pulp, which is what causes the pain. If the decay continues unchecked, your tooth could be ruined, and the decay could spread throughout your mouth.

When you have your tooth decay treated at Infinite Smiles, you don’t have to worry about unsightly mercury based fillings. We use composite fillings that blend in with your natural tooth color while repairing your cavity.

Gum Disease

The pain you are experiencing may not be the result of tooth decay at all. It could be the result of unhealthy gums. Gum disease is also caused by bacteria in your mouth, and unfortunately, if it is causing you pain, then it is already fairly advanced. The tricky thing about gum disease is that it is hard to detect in its early stages, which means you could have it and not even know it.

At Infinite Smiles, we take gum disease very seriously because it has such a strong effect on overall health. It causes tooth loss, infection, and has even been linked to heart disease. If gum disease – called gingivitis in its mild form and periodontitis in its advanced, more dangerous form – is not treated, it will not only ruin your smile, but it can also put your total well-being at risk.

You do not have to simply endure the ravages of gum disease, though. A variety of treatments are available at Infinite Smiles. Just visit our office here in Powell, OH, and Dr. Patel and his expert staff will find the right treatment for you.

Regular visits to our office, whether you are here in Powell or in Dublin or Delaware, will allow us to watch out for signs of gum disease and tooth decay you might not catch, so we can solve the problems before they cause pain or discomfort. Call us today at 614-678-5847 to schedule an appointment, or use our online form, and one of our staff will get back with you to determine the most convenient time for your visit.