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Brian G.

Dr. Patel, he’s repaired two of my broken fillings. He did it in a very timely manner. It was just a freak accident, not freak accident but chewing on something. I made a phone call to the office here. They had me come in I think it was the next day to make sure that it wasn’t something serious and something that I could live with for a couple of days. They put a cap on it, a temporary cap. I returned to the office about a week later where he prepared my tooth for I think it was a root canal. Then I had a root canal the following week. Everything has been good since.

Dr. Patel cares about his patients. He has taken the time to set up his office in a way that he can get everything done right here. In his caring of patients, he examines correctly and thoroughly and asks about your well being outside of your mouth, outside of your teeth. Not everyone enjoys coming to the dentist but this place makes it pretty easy to come.


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