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Daniel S.

I was in a pretty bad car accident about a little over 3 and a half years ago and I learned to always wear my seat belt. I lost 4 teeth and 4 millimeters of mandible and it was pretty bad for awhile. I had some plastic surgery on the face and that’s when I started looking for a dentist to put the implants in, put the crown in, put the new bone back in.

When I walked in here doc said he could do it all in 1 day, rather than the 3 days that other doctors were telling me. The fact how close it was to my residence. The fact that I felt comfortable here and the fact that it was all 1 day surgery completely had me hooked.

Financially losing 4 teeth and a bunch of bone in your face is not cheap. They did work with me with CareCredit and put me on a payment plan through G money knowing that insurance would eventually be paying for all the surgeries. It worked great there was no money up front and whatever the surgeries where going to cost is what was financed.

Turned out to be fine everything was paid off within a year with no interest and I look beautiful now. Whenever somebody says they have implants, whenever somebody says they need a new dentist in town I always send them up here. I know if I felt comfortable they’ll feel comfortable too.


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