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Darla W.

I had a fear of dentists, and I had let my teeth get to the point they were pretty bad in the back. You couldn’t tell, but I knew it was bad. I had gone to several dentists in the area, and they made me feel guilty that I hadn’t taken care of my teeth. I came in here, and they treated me unbelievable. It was awesome. The first time I came in I almost didn’t even walk through the door. Excuse me if I choke up some because it was very hard for me to walk in. I came in, I started talking to the lady. I felt a little better. The first time I was in the chair I was crying and shaking. The two ladies and Dr. Patel calmed me down. They came up with a game plan, and I came back in the next week. We talked more about the processes and what we can do to get my smile back and help me feel better about myself. I had some teeth that were broken in the very back. I had teeth that were broken off, and he was able to pull them. He put in implants, and now I feel so confident and smiling.

I work at a salon, so for me it was really hard not to have my teeth looking good to where I would smile big. I taught myself to smile small, and then he worked his magic, and now I can smile as big as I want.


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