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Dianne S.

Well I have had some restorative crowns put in because of old fillings that have broken or near breaking kind of thing. I was able to do that and my bottom teeth I had broken as a child, so they were a little uneven and he was able to help with that. When they make the crowns, they do it all right here and the sculpting is very interesting to watch actually. They make the crown right here on site and everything is done in a matter of hours as opposed to it used to be with crowns you would have to have a temporary made and then come back a week later and then have the real one put in and it was just inconvenient.

It was painful actually. The old way of doing it was painful, but the way Doctor Patel does it is really nice. I have no problems with it at all. I think that the technology and keeping up on the newest things that are available, the newest treatments that are available. His staff is very knowledgeable about everything, so I think that it pays off. It shows that this is someone who is progressive in dental care.


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