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Konnie N.

I had difficulty with an implant and had it done somewhere else where, unfortunately, it ended up falling out, so I was missing a tooth. He explained the entire process of how it should happen, the time frame, and then put a temporary in, made me understand the process. We took our time, put it in, and it’s been a tremendous benefit and been very successful, so I’ve had no issues with that.

I would say they made it the most comfortable as they could. They always made sure I was nice and numb, and as I mentioned, with the anxiety, they did put some gas on me to help me to relax a little bit. While he was doing it, it was not painful. I will tell you, right afterwards his assistant called me that evening to make sure I wasn’t in pain. He had offered his call, a number for me to call if I had any issues, and really didn’t have any pain. I knew what to expect and that was one of the nice things, is he did an exceptional job explaining what to expect and made sure I was comfortable with that, and really didn’t have any pain.

It’s a great place from the moment you walk in that the receptionist is very nice in greeting you, exceptional service from the minute you walk in the door, but also from when you’re called back. Every person that you touch within the office all the way til you’re checking out with billing, they are very warm, welcoming, ask what they can do to help you as far as your dental health, any anxiety that you have, any issues. I think I would tell people this is a place that they always consistently go above and beyond in every part of the office to make you feel like you are the most important customer they have.


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