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Lori M.

I had to have some dental implants done and some restorative work, and because my insurance did not cover implants I waited kind of a long time to get it done. Then I came to Dr. Patel, this was all … I had it all done previously and then I came to Dr. Patel and he just made the process for me very easy.

I’m not always comfortable in a dental office. I get a little bit nervous. I was very low pain tolerance and he just made it very easy, was very reassuring that it was going to go smoothly.

I even had an event that I wanted to make sure my dental work was done before this event and it was kind of crunching some time for him. He made sure it was all done and everything was finished before the event. I mean, he made it like that was important to him as well.

I didn’t have a bad experience with a previous dentist. You had go to an oral surgeon to do the implant and then the dentist to do the restorative work and Dr. Patel does it all here. He placed another implant for me, a second implant, and did the restorative work on both that one and the previous implant that I had done.

I felt no pain. Even after because I’d had an implant done previously with an oral surgeon, and then came here, the comparison between the two was I had zero pain after the implant that Dr. Patel placed. I don’t know what the difference would have been, but it was just maybe the way he did the surgery … I’m not sure. I didn’t have swelling, I didn’t have any pain. It was phenomenal from beginning to end.


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