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Tiffany S.

When I came to see Dr. Patel, I was a little leery because I’ve had some scary visits to the dentist in the past. My bottom teeth were a little inverted, so it always made me hesitant to smile. I’m in the skin industry and I work with doctors, so I want to be able to feel good about smiling and talking to patients. He spoke to me about, and this line wouldn’t be a bad idea, but he thought a shorted time of braces would be great.

We did do the braces. It was very comfortable. Of course we talked about doing some veneers and whitening and all those, but I think my biggest concern was getting my smile correct, and then obviously having a prettier, whiter smile. I never had terribly crooked teeth because it was pretty much my bottoms, but after having them and they are smoother and straighter, it’s such a nice- I’m not afraid to smile now, so it’s a really nice feeling. Even my kids say, “Mommy, you look happy.” It’s much nicer. It’s a good feeling.


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