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Smile Makeover in Reynoldsburg Ohio

 Any good dentist is interested in saving all of your natural teeth. But natural teeth aren’t always attractive teeth. They can be crooked individually, out of alignment with each other, and discolored.


That’s where I, as a cosmetic dentist, can help you get the smile of your dreams.


The latest technologies in cosmetic dentistry mean that you really can enjoy your life more fully and have the smile of your dreams. A Smile Makeover in Reynoldsburg Ohio can help you regain your confidence. If your teeth are less-than-ideal and causing you pain, discomfort, or embarrassment, then now is the time to find a cosmetic dentist to help you to solve your problems and make over your smile.


We have seen patient after patient returned to a full and happy life no longer self-conscious about their smile, no longer hiding their mouth at any opportunity, no longer letting their teeth hold them back from the life they want to lead!


And now, you can join them!


What We Can Do for You


Here is what you will receive when you see a cosmetic dentist for a smile makeover:


  • Your Dream Smile – Imagine waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror and seeing the most beautiful smile looking right back at you!
  • Improved Self-Confidence – Flashing your gorgeous smile will make you feel incredible and more confident.
  • Reduced Risk of Future Problems – With a small correction to your teeth now, you could save having to deal with far more serious problems in the future. This is the time to sort out any alignment issues that you might have, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant they may be.
  • Less Strain on Your Muscles and Jaw – No one enjoys the pain that comes with a jaw ache. By correcting your teeth now you will reduce the strain on the muscles surrounding your mouth and jaw, eliminating this sort of pain for good.
  • Long-Term Healthiness – Correcting misaligned teeth will help to keep your mouth healthy; you’ll be able to keep your teeth cleaner and closing gaps will stop dangerous bacteria from building up around your gums. This also can help prevent you from contracting a gum disease that could, in turn, lead to more serious health conditions.


There are two parts of Smile Design: straightening your teeth individually and as a unit, and making each tooth look great.


Let’s start with straightening your teeth.


What Causes Crooked Teeth


Before we look at HOW to straighten teeth, let’s look at WHY they become crooked in the first place. A Smile Makeover in Reynoldsburg Ohio will help straighten your teeth.


The causes of crooked teeth vary from person to person. Many times less-than-ideal teeth are inherited from our parents, causing issues such as missing teeth, tooth crowding, and protrusion. There’s not much anyone can do to prevent these hereditary issues, though they certainly can be corrected.


In other cases crooked teeth can stem from habits that you may have enjoyed as a young child, such as thumb or pacifier sucking.


And yet more causes of misaligned smiles can be linked to losing baby teeth before the adult teeth were ready, having an unusually high number of cavities or even suffering from gum disease. Some of these problems can crop up at any stage of your life, causing your smile to degenerate.


It really doesn’t matter where the problem that you are suffering with came from. What’s important is that you want to do something about it!


At this point you might be asking, “Shouldn’t I go to the orthodontist to straighten my teeth?”


Once upon a time that was true. But I have received specialized training in many areas of dentistry, including orthodontics. Plus I can take care of many problems that an orthodontist can’t.


Modern Orthodontics is Nearly Invisible and Fast


Orthodontic treatments are no longer the painful and long processes that they once were. The new technologies we offer today mean that your teeth can be gently corrected using an assortment of different strategies, with little or no discomfort.


One such method is called Six Month Smiles. This is a short-term process – as you might have guessed from the name, an average of six months for most people – that uses nearly invisible braces to correct your smile. The brackets are clear and the wire is tooth-colored. No one will have to know you’re wearing braces.


Six Month Smiles moves only the teeth that show in your smile, which is how it works so quickly. It is not designed to realign your whole bite, as traditional braces are designed to do. This is a great part of a smile makeover in Reynoldsburg Ohio.


Here is another great option we can offer you:


Invisalign uses clear aligners that allow you to have perfectly straight teeth in as little as 12 to 18 months without metal braces!


It consists of a series of plastic trays that are changed out every couple weeks. They look similar to whitening trays that most people have at home. Each aligner moves the crooked teeth ever-so-slightly until after a few months –WOW – your teeth are straight!


Invisalign is not a solution for major bite problems, but it works for many other orthodontic problems, and it has some terrific advantages:

  • They don’t show in your mouth! They are not metal but a clear material that can hardly be seen.
  • They are quick – often just a few months.
  • They are typically less expensive than braces.
  • They are removable for cleaning and eating. What does this mean? You can remove your aligners and go out on Friday night. Then, go home, brush and put your aligners back in! Try doing that with metal braces!!!

Trust a Dentist With Your Teeth Whitening


What if your teeth are straight but discolored from years of smoking; drinking tea, coffee and wine; medication; or they naturally got dingy?


Very little gets your smile noticed more than being a bright white.


Many people are tempted to try do-it-yourself teeth whitening. My warning: pay a little now and a lot later.


That’s because over-the-counter toothpastes aren’t on your teeth long enough to have any real benefit. Whitening strips can cause your teeth to become sensitive and irritate your gums. Whitening gels can make you sick if you don’t rinse your mouth thoroughly.


Professional teeth whitening will work faster and protect sensitive gums and tooth-root surfaces better than over-the-counter whitening products.


Having an oral exam before you begin any whitening process is an important first step, as we want to make sure your tooth discoloration is not the result of a dental condition in need of treatment.


In our office, we have several good options including Zoom! one-hour teeth whitening. It’s fast, long-lasting, causes little teeth sensitivity and is proven safe and effective.


During a whitening session, one of our experienced hygienists will apply Zoom! Whitening Gel to your teeth. Then a special low-heat Zoom! light activates the gel so it will penetrate the enamel and dentin in your teeth to remove deep stains and discoloration. The gel is applied for three 15-minute sessions. Then you go home with a brighter, whiter smile.


We also use KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching so you can brighten your smile both in the office and at home. KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching is one of the most predictable and thorough whitening solutions available in dentistry. The treatment will improve the brightness of your smile by anywhere from eight to sixteen shades and erase even the heaviest stains, like discoloration caused by tetracycline.


KoR Whitening combines in-office and at-home whitening and is rendered through a multiple-step process. We first take impressions of your teeth to craft a mouthpiece that fits perfectly. During your second visit, we apply whitening treatments over the course of about 45 minutes.


The next phase of treatment is completed at home. You will wear the KoR whitening trays overnight for about two weeks. You get a desensitizer to wear the first few nights. It’s important to brush your teeth before applying the whitening gel and then to rinse out your trays in the morning.


After two weeks of home whitening, you’ll return to our office for the final phase of your whitening treatment!


There are lots of things you can do to make sure your whitening results last as long as possible.


For one, please brush every day, and keep up with your regular schedule of professional cleanings. Avoid foods and beverages that stain, including red wine, tea and coffee. If you smoke, use your newly whitened teeth as a reason to quit. A minor touch-up every so often, either at home or here at the dental office, can keep your smile bright and beautiful for years. To have a beautiful smile, this is just one part of a smile makeover in Reynoldsburg Ohio.


Other Ways To Get a “Perfect” Smile

Some people have several issues that cause their teeth to be less-than-ideal. For instance, some teeth may be chipped, others discolored and still others crooked or misshapen.


Their eye often seems drawn to the tiny chip in a front tooth; the slight mismatch in tooth size among adjacent teeth; the extra-pointy canine. If you find yourself staring at these subtle yet distracting features in your own smile, help is available – often with a minimally invasive, relatively inexpensive procedure known as tooth contouring (reshaping).


Tooth contouring involves removing a tiny amount of tooth enamel to sculpt a more-pleasing shape and make the tooth fit in better with its neighbors. The tooth is then polished for a smooth finish. The procedure is most often used on the upper front incisors and canines, which are your most visible teeth.


Cosmetic problems that can be corrected with tooth contouring include small chips, uneven tooth length, slight overlaps and tooth edges that are too flattened or pointy. It can even be used to correct minor bite problems from teeth touching unevenly during contact.


But sometimes tooth contouring would cause bite problems, so we have to use other methods.


Many people simply want a smile like their favorite Hollywood star! Veneers are incredibly versatile and can help you achieve what whitening and tooth contouring can – plus much more.


Types of veneers include:

  • Porcelain Veneers allow us to give you the smile of your dreams by changing the shape, crookedness, color, and spacing of your teeth in just a few hours.
  • Lumineers are super-thin, yet ultra-strong porcelain that change yoursmile from dull to dazzling in the most comfortable way possible. In many instances, no shots are required. Lumineers don’t require much smoothing of your tooth, so they don’t compromise the tooth structure itself.
  • EasySmile LifeLike Veneers. Unlike traditional veneers, EasySmile LifeLike Veneers are not made of porcelain and are custom-made in minutes while you wait in the office. That means no shots, no filing down your tooth, and decreased cost.


Getting veneers is virtually painless. It’s really no more involved than having a few fillings or a crown. A few hours in a dental chair and you can laugh freely without even thinking about your teeth.


Plus, we can place the veneers on your teeth so you can see a “smile preview” – how they look before we attach them permanently. In fact, Dr. Neal Patel has been trained specifically in digital smile design. He studies each patient beforehand and uses many techniques to evaluate their smiles. These include wax-ups, digital imaging (video and photos), and models. He’ll make sure you are satisfied with the preview before creating your permanent restorations.


At our office, the entire veneers process can be completed in just six hours! You’ll be hard-pressed to find such a modern, thorough process at other dental practices around. And Veneers can be a large part of a smile makeover in Reynoldsburg Ohio.


Veneers can be used to cover, reshape, or cosmetically enhance:

  • gaps or spaces
  • stains or discoloration
  • chips, cracks, pits, and even fractures
  • crooked or otherwise poorly positioned teeth

Veneers also can be used as a substitute for orthodontic braces. Adults who prefer to avoid the time and appearance of braces now have an option that can change the size and shape of their teeth. Some dentists will call veneers “instant orthodontics” because you can have instant correction of crooked or crowded front teeth.


They can alter the shape of your face and the appearance of your smile by adjusting the size of your teeth. Best of all is the small amount of time involved.


Benefits of veneers:

  • Veneers will not stain.
  • They are durable and last many years.
  • They are strong enough to chew food like natural teeth.
  • They look just like natural teeth.
  • They are an immediate solution.


Years ago, when a patient wanted cosmetic correction of crowded or poorly shaped teeth, he or she often had crowns placed to recontour them. However, this involved grinding the teeth down or removing a lot of the solid good tooth structure just for cosmetic reasons. The veneers can be placed with either very little or no removal of enamel. So the procedure is very conservative.


For teeth that are severely damaged, we still offer crowns. A crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that is placed over a tooth to restore its shape and size, strength, and improve its appearance. But we want to use crowns only on teeth that are damaged by decay or injury, and remove as little of the healthy tooth as we can.


Typical dental offices use all-ceramic or porcelain crowns to repair teeth or even to restore dental implants. These types of crowns are aesthetic and extremely durable, but they often require multiple visits to the dentist because most dentists work with an off-site ceramist to build restorations. You also have to spend several weeks wearing an ill-fitting and uncomfortable crown while your permanent restoration is being created.


Dental crowns are a relatively basic dental treatment millions of Americans receive every year, so shouldn’t there be a better way? Well, there is. Our office has technology to make this procedure easy and affordable. In fact, at our office, you can walk in with a tooth that needs to be repaired with a crown and walk out of our office with a beautiful, permanent crown in just one day.  

We use a special machine known as CEREC to design and fabricate crowns in a single dental visit. The CAD/CAM technology allows us to take a digital impression and then craft your permanent restoration in one day. You don’t have to worry about scheduling two or three visits for a simple procedure any longer. We can finish everything in less than two hours.




Though this report is coming to an end, your journey likely is just beginning. We’ve covered a lot of information in a very short time. You might have questions about how all of this applies to your specific situation. You might have questions about a smile makeover in Reynoldsburg Ohio.


Understand there is no catch, no obligation and no fine print of any kind. But I offer you this invitation to help you move forward to the next step in the process of restoring your smile and living a fuller life with beautiful teeth.


I’ve had patients come from several different parts of the country to work with me on making over their smile. That’s how much it matters that you choose the right dentist for you.


The first step is to schedule an appointment. Call my office at (614) 678-5847 or visit our website at and schedule an appointment there.


During our appointment, I will examine your teeth. Depending on your needs, I will take some X-rays and then evaluate which smile makeover solutions make sense for you. I’ll also offer you various choices and my recommendation on which ones I feel would be the best fit for you.


By the end of the session, you will walk out of my office with a clear picture of how we can solve your challenges for good. You’ll know exactly how to move forward. I will tell you exactly what you need, and then happily do only what you want.



My purpose in creating this report was to give you the information you need to make the right choices about seeing the dentist and gaining a smile you’ll love to show! No matter which direction you choose to pursue that goal, I wish you only the best of success.


Feel free to contact me at my office at (614) 678-5847.