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Infinite Smiles is proud to be your dentist of choice in Powell, Ohio and the surrounding communities of Dublin and Delaware, Ohio. From our superior cosmetic dentistry solutions to our beautiful restorative dentistry, state-of-the-art ceramic lab, innovative dental technology, and comfort options, our patient-centered practice can provide everything you need in one location. Dr. Patel has years of experience and training to ensure we exceed your expectations and you walk away with a better smile, better health, and newly restored self-confidence!

Why not hear what our patients have to say about their experience at Infinite Smiles? Take a look below and then give our office a call at 740-881-2600 to set up your appointment. You can also fill out our online form, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly to confirm your appointment day and time. We look forward to meeting you!

  • Asha H.

    In my 30's I was told I needed braces. I'd had my wisdom teeth out. There was a lot of shifting going on in my mouth. I was born without the- I think it's the bicuspid on one side. My bite was off. My smile was off. My tooth had rotated. I had to go and see other orthodontists and everyone was ...

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  • Brian G.

    Dr. Patel, he's repaired two of my broken fillings. He did it in a very timely manner. It was just a freak accident, not freak accident but chewing on something. I made a phone call to the office here. They had me come in I think it was the next day to make sure that it wasn't something serious and ...

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  • Brittany H.

    There was a tooth that just was kind of pushed back a little bit and we weren't able to whiten them as much because it had a shadow on it so I had the braces for I think only four weeks just fixing that one tooth and then they put a permanent retainer so that I don't have to worry about that too ...

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  • Daniel S.

    I was in a pretty bad car accident about a little over 3 and a half years ago and I learned to always wear my seat belt. I lost 4 teeth and 4 millimeters of mandible and it was pretty bad for awhile. I had some plastic surgery on the face and that's when I started looking for a dentist to put the ...

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  • Danielle W.

    I've always wanted braces. Other than the typical cleaning, I'd come here looking for some help with that. Grew up in a family where I was the oldest of five, my parents had me when they were young, and we weren't able to afford braces then. I was determined by the time I grow up and can afford it ...

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  • Darla W.

    I had a fear of dentists, and I had let my teeth get to the point they were pretty bad in the back. You couldn't tell, but I knew it was bad. I had gone to several dentists in the area, and they made me feel guilty that I hadn't taken care of my teeth. I came in here, and they treated me ...

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  • Dianne S.

    Well I have had some restorative crowns put in because of old fillings that have broken or near breaking kind of thing. I was able to do that and my bottom teeth I had broken as a child, so they were a little uneven and he was able to help with that. When they make the crowns, they do it all right ...

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  • Karen C.

    Dr. Patel's so kind and explains everything he's going to do. I had major accident, fell and broke the bone in my upper lip, and lost 5 teeth. He had to do implants. It was a long, drawn out 11 month process. He made sure that I was comfortable with everything that was going on and explained ...

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  • Lisa M.

    I've always been really nervous with dentists. I had a really bad experience when I was young so I've never cared for the dentist. A friend had told me about Dr. Patel and I came. Beyond his credentials, I mean they speak for themselves, I love Dr. Patel. He is so kind, so caring, so understanding. ...

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  • Lori M.

    I had to have some dental implants done and some restorative work, and because my insurance did not cover implants I waited kind of a long time to get it done. Then I came to Dr. Patel, this was all ... I had it all done previously and then I came to Dr. Patel and he just made the process for me ...

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  • Samuel B.

    When I decided to get orthodontics, it's something that I've always wanted. When I was in middle school and I saw all my other friends getting braces and stuff, I said I don't want anything to with that. But as I grew a little bit older, I noticed that it started bothering more. I had some crooked ...

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  • Tara B.

    I love coming to Dr. Patel's because the facility is so modern, and it's so quick. His procedures are so quick. Usually I can get everything done in one visit. The staff is super friendly, great with my kids. My children love coming here as well. My 5-year-old, she's been coming here for a few ...

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  • Lynne F.

    This office is perfect for me. It's perfect for working professionals. They try really hard to work you into and around your schedule. I'm extremely busy with two small children and a full time career, and they've always been very accommodating. I've been with other dentists and other health care ...

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  • Tiffany S.

    When I came to see Dr. Patel, I was a little leery because I've had some scary visits to the dentist in the past. My bottom teeth were a little inverted, so it always made me hesitant to smile. I'm in the skin industry and I work with doctors, so I want to be able to feel good about smiling and ...

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  • Konnie N.

    I had difficulty with an implant and had it done somewhere else where, unfortunately, it ended up falling out, so I was missing a tooth. He explained the entire process of how it should happen, the time frame, and then put a temporary in, made me understand the process. We took our time, put it in, ...

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