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Asha H.

In my 30’s I was told I needed braces. I’d had my wisdom teeth out. There was a lot of shifting going on in my mouth. I was born without the- I think it’s the bicuspid on one side. My bite was off. My smile was off. My tooth had rotated. I had to go and see other orthodontists and everyone was telling me it was going to take about 18 months to two years for me to actually have straight teeth. For me to be able to fix my bite and all of those things. I really didn’t want to have to do that, not in my 30’s. I did not want to walk around and didn’t want to be sat next to, not that anything’s wrong with it, sit next to a 12 year old with their braces on and my braces on.

When I came to Dr. Patel, Dr. Patel was able just give me that self confidence. He told me that he could perhaps try and do it in a year’s time. He was going to use something called the Damon System. It’s something I’d never actually heard of before. We were even able to use the Damon System and not have the tooth extraction. That’s where I was most apprehensive as well. I really didn’t want to have a tooth taken out. Dr. Patel was able to work around that. He was able to fix my bite. He was able to give me the smile. He was able to do that within a year, less than a year.

You definitely do go around smiling a lot more now. Not that I was self conscious with my smile, but it’s not something that I really thought about. Now, when you just glance in the mirror or when you’re talking to people, you do find yourself beaming a lot more. It does give you that self confidence. Absolutely.


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