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Brittany H.

There was a tooth that just was kind of pushed back a little bit and we weren’t able to whiten them as much because it had a shadow on it so I had the braces for I think only four weeks just fixing that one tooth and then they put a permanent retainer so that I don’t have to worry about that too and then they whitened me too.

When we first talked about braces I actually said no way and then he talked me a little bit more into it and then I was like okay and then there were some ladies that had them in the office that made me feel a lot better. They were like oh my goodness you’re going to love them and you know you can’t even tell and really, I had customers because I own my own store that would come up to me. We would be talking, I was like aren’t you going to say something about my braces? They were like you have braces? That was cool because I was a little insecure. I was like, ugh I don’t want to get braces at my age, but it was awesome. I felt really good about it and I wasn’t insecure at all. I mean, people didn’t even notice them and Dr. Patel was really great about it too.


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