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Danielle W.

I’ve always wanted braces. Other than the typical cleaning, I’d come here looking for some help with that. Grew up in a family where I was the oldest of five, my parents had me when they were young, and we weren’t able to afford braces then. I was determined by the time I grow up and can afford it on my own I’ll do it, so I came here and met Dr. Patel and came up with a great plan for that. It was awesome.

After the initial consultation we set up an appointment. Got the braces placed. It was about, mine a little longer that I know it goes anywhere from six to eight months. By the eighth month mark, things had beautifully taken shape and I was able to get the braces off. It was a simple monthly visit here to have them do the adjustments, and like I said, it became like a family by the end of it, coming to see old friends rather than coming to the dentist.

Very surprised at how easy the process was. It was essentially painless getting the braces on, and then the adjustment each time really were not bad, maybe a little soreness that day but didn’t limit my life at all having the braces. They were always available for questions. If there’s anything I was concerned about with how things were happening, they’re always available even after hours. I had one of his assistant’s cellphone number and I texted her a picture of something I was scared about and she answered me right away.


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