Karen C. | Infinite Smiles

Karen C.

Dr. Patel’s so kind and explains everything he’s going to do. I had major accident, fell and broke the bone in my upper lip, and lost 5 teeth. He had to do implants. It was a long, drawn out 11 month process. He made sure that I was comfortable with everything that was going on and explained everything as he was doing it. Just very compassionate, everyone here was very compassionate with what I was going through.

They tried to save my teeth. They weren’t able to, and it was all wired, so I had to go several months without my front teeth, which is really difficult to do. He made sure I had an appliance, so I never had to go in public or anywhere without looking natural. It would break, and he would make one again immediately. It was just nice to know he was always there. He gave me his phone number, I could call him if I had any problems in the evening or weekends. It was just real reassuring when you’re going through something so traumatic like that. Everyone tells me how natural they look. All my friends that knew what I had gone through and were just shocked and surprised at how nice they look.


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