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Samuel B.

When I decided to get orthodontics, it’s something that I’ve always wanted. When I was in middle school and I saw all my other friends getting braces and stuff, I said I don’t want anything to with that. But as I grew a little bit older, I noticed that it started bothering more. I had some crooked teeth and teeth that were kind of misshaped and I didn’t like the way that they looked. I never smiled for any pictures. I had family members and stuff said, “Why don’t you smile?” I just did not feel comfortable. I would see group shots of me and all my friends and I would be the only one in the group not smiling especially if they were close up pictures. Now, if they were really far away, that would be the only time I would ever smile.

I actually ran into a friend of mine at a conference and I saw that she had braces as an adult. There’s always kind of a stigma that goes with adults that have braces but they were clear brackets and white wires, barely noticeable. I started asking her about what she had done and she told me that she had the Six Month Smile program. I looked into it, did the radius search and that’s how I came here.

When I came here to get them on, I think I was nervous as anybody would be. I guess I kind of reverted back to horror stories about braces that I remember as a kid. My brother had a bunch of issues with having braces. I said, “Forget it. It’s time to do something.” But as soon as I came in here, everybody was very kind and very understanding. I felt like the whole process being here was a team effort. It wasn’t just me sitting here and I’m patient. This was a thing that everybody worked together to achieve my goals in fixing my smile.


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