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Tara B.

I love coming to Dr. Patel’s because the facility is so modern, and it’s so quick. His procedures are so quick. Usually I can get everything done in one visit. The staff is super friendly, great with my kids. My children love coming here as well. My 5-year-old, she’s been coming here for a few years. She loves it, very comfortable here. They give her a little prize at the end that she looks forward to. She really enjoys coming here. She’s very comfortable here, no fear at all. The visits are very light and friendly, and she really enjoys it. When I first came here I had many old large fillings, and he’s been gradually replacing those with much nicer looking white fillings. It’s completely painless, the procedures are quick. Usually I can get it finished in one visit, which being a mom that’s very important to me, it’s very helpful. Coming here, it’s been painless. He uses the most modern technology, I feel. Everything is very advanced. I’ve never had any pain, and I feel like it’s very in and out, quick procedures.

My teeth are starting to look much better where those old fillings. I was a little insecure, self-conscious about those fillings. As we’re gradually changing them, yes, my smile is looking better and better.


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