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Why Choose Us

Why Make Infinite Smiles Your Choice for Dental Health Care in Powell, OH

Simply put, there is no other local dentist in the Powell, OH region that offers the level of expertise and care that Infinite Smiles does. Dr. Patel and his staff are on the forefront of dental health care innovation, combining state-of-the-art dental technology with compassion and understanding of the patient’s perspective. The experts at Infinite Smiles are guided by the belief that the possibilities are endless when you see dental care as an opportunity to enrich your life.


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From the get go, one thing that was really important to me was to always, always be up to date. From technology to software, to the way we actually provide the treatment and the modalities in which we delivered care. We want to be known for providing a very high level of service for those patients who know they want access to the best, whether it's for you or your family members.

Dr. Patel built that environment where the technology is constantly being updated. It's the backbone of how we practice dentistry. We have state-of-the-art technology that allows us to provide service in one visit as it relates to fixing a tooth or replacing a tooth even with an implant. It's all done in one visit, locally. It's done with a method of using digital technologies, and that's really important.

At the end of the day, most patients know a few things. They know whether they were treated like family, if the dentistry itself caused any discomfort, and if it looks perfect in the mirror. If we can meet all three of those things patients are happy, but the reality is that there's a lot more that goes into it. When we can deliver results using computer technologies that allows us to deliver time after time, smiles, then that's a beautiful thing, and that's what we're known for.

Dr. Patel believes that technology fuels modern dentistry. He understands the complexities of using two unique technologies together, working seamlessly to serve the patient’s needs and to deliver amazing dental care results. Very few dentists in the U.S. are trained in the use of 3D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) with CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics), but Dr. Patel is. Using these technologies together allows him to construct a virtual 3D model of your mouth so that you can preview the dental care you are about to receive, and then the computer can guide the procedure.

Dr. Patel is also one of the innovators of “virtual surgery,” where both CAD/CAM and cone beam imaging is used to create a computer simulation of dental procedures. When these technologies communicate and work together, they produce nothing less than absolute precision.

Our doctors don’t just have this technology; they actually travel the world teaching other dentists how to use it. They are more than experts, so when you visit Infinite Smiles, you know you are receiving care from true innovators.

Sedation Options at Infinite Smiles

The caring staff at Infinite Smiles realize that dental anxiety is very real and very common. That is why we have several options when it comes to sedation dentistry at our local office. Whether you get a little nervous or tense when visiting your local dentist, or you are truly phobic and overcome by fear at the mere thought of dental care, Infinite Smiles can help you overcome your fears and reservations.

For lower levels of anxiety, we offer local sedation options to calm your nerves, so your experience will be more relaxing. For those with more overwhelming dental anxiety, we have an on-staff anesthesiologist to administer IV sedation and general anesthesia, so that you can sleep through your dental care completely unaware of the procedure.

Comfort and Hospitality

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Well, one of the things I really thought would be important, from perspective, if I were in the chair I know that I want to be in an environment where I feel comfortable. Where the atmosphere is clean. Where the atmosphere is like my living room. I'm not having to sit shoulder to shoulder in a waiting room. Not having to be confronted with staff members who don't know what's going on in the environment. I want to be seen as an individual. And I know that for me as a patient I would want the doctor and the team to see me and focus on me from start to finish and not jump around and not be in an environment where there's hundreds of patients flying through the office.

I know that that's one of the things that was important to me. So we built that within Infinite Smiles. So from an amenity standpoint we created a very spacious environment. So that patients can feel comfortable finding their own space within this office and having that experience so that they feel like this is a home for them, for their own mouths, for their own healthcare, certainly. But when they're brought back, even to have treatment done we have individual rooms where they're closed off; they're private. And the rooms themselves have their own style, so every room is different.

We have some rooms that are trendy to some that are, actually, more home-like experience; warm atmospheres. Everything's pristine, everything's clean. And we have staff who are assigned to each room here so you're always with someone, you're never left alone. We have all the amenities you would come to expect in your own home. From TV, radio, we certainly can play any music that you want with the technology that we have today. We have blankets, we have earphones and headphones to help with the noises that are often sometimes associated with dentistry. We have a staff who are, quite honestly, very catering to our patients. Everyone from a staff member who can certainly make coffee for the patient to providing desserts, and really just that high level of service that our patients come to expect, and we're able to deliver those experiences.

When you enter the lobby of Infinite Smiles, you may think that you are entering a 5-star hotel, and that is by design. Dr. Patel wants you to feel nothing but comfort and ease when you come to the office for dental care. You will receive the VIP treatment as our courteous staff serves you from a full coffee bar and professional cappuccino maker, and offers you a pillow and blanket so you can relax.


We Provide What Our Competitors Do Not

Other local dentists will typically send you to a specialist to have your dental implants placed. Then, you will come back for a separate visit to finish the restoration. This means you are going to multiple locations, over multiple days, for one procedure.

Not at Infinite Smiles. We offer a true “Teeth in a Day” experience. Dr. Patel not only places the implants, he completes the restoration, all in-house in one visit.

Along with our own in-house lab, we have on staff a master ceramist, who is a Certified Master of Dental Technology, with an extraordinary amount of training. This level of expertise is simply unheard of for most dental practices, but at Infinite Smiles, it is the norm.

There is no one in the Dublin, OH area more qualified and experienced to provide the ultimate in dental health care than Dr. Patel and the staff at Infinite Smiles. Call us today at 740-881-2600 to schedule an appointment, or use our online form, and one of our staff will get back with you to determine the most convenient time for your visit.